My wish for Euclidian Step Mode

At this point I found Euclidian Step Mode is more like a live mode other
than a step mode. If u guys never consider give it changeable value of
each step like pitch and velocity, then I guess move it to somewhere
under live mode is more logic.

For me I just found play notes on keyboard when stay in any of a step
mode can change what was already set is a bit confuse, have to switch to
another mode/track to avoid playing keyboard change euclidian track’s
note/pitch, which means can’t play any note and change euclidian step at
the same time.

And the maximum 100% length is just 1 step is really awkward. Make it
1600% given by the limited steps is just 16 so it can be use to play
piano/lead/brass/strings/pad and all the other instrument which needs to
be play longer than one single step.

Thats the major three problems that keeps me away from this fun Euclidian
Step Mode, I’d rather write down some notes on original step mode in some
rhythm that clearly included in the euclidian ring than using euclidian
step mode, that’s something isn’t it?

Linear combine multiple euclidian 16 steps(with changeable value of
each step) to make real melody tracks is the final vision I’m looking to.


Have you tried putting the Randomiser effect on the Euclid track? It’s obviously not exactly what you want, seeing as it is random, but should add some variation.

I do agree that it is a little limited in terms of live performance, which was a bit of a disappointment when I first started playing with it, although I ended up, as I always do, working within the limitations.

Perhaps it could work a little better if you could change the Euclid parameters with midi, although it’s not currently covered on the midi implementation chart. Could be one for a suggestion to Squarp.

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Thanks for the advice, I found Randomiser sometimes is surely a good way to bring inspiration, ideas for continue the work, but at some point of the song and some phase of a work, I really want to get things define and stable, thats where randomiser won’t fit I guess. Randomiser can be more powerful, like the Chance FX which has the sync function can make stable on grid, but combine these 2 FXs clearly not what I’m looking for, and u even lose the ability to turn FXs off for accurate steps in Eulidian mode. That’s just sad.

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