Mute pattern/sequence but not instrument

Hi. I’ve searched the manual and cannot find, so I’ll ask here.
Is there a way to mute the sequence/pattern on a channel, but still be able to play the instrument?
On the Pyramid, I could mute the track but I could still play live.
This was nice, because I could jam a little bit on a synth, then go back to the pre-recorded sequence.
On the Hapax, muting a track also mutes anything I play live.
Is there something I’m missing?

found this…:frowning:
Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.48.26 PM
which sadly confirms, I think, my dilemma.
Anybody know away around this glaring oversight?

Oh, damn, I’ve been using this a lot on my Pyramid as well. Didn’t expect this feature to disappear. I don’t mind muting the whole track v just a pattern. But not having the ability to play live over a muted track seems like a serious regression.

Read the last part:

You can “mute” a pattern by selecting an empty pattern. This will not mute the whole track, so you can still play it.

I do hope they will add a way to mute a pattern without “reserving” one of the 8 patterns as an empty “mute” pattern though. For example by pressing the currently playing pattern.

One work-around (which will not always be practical or possible) is to not mute the track, but set it to play an empty pattern.

If I am not using song mode, I use empty patterns as mutes, because frankly I think the two-hand-operated, small-button, dimly lit muting is my very least favorite thing about Hapax.

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Oh, I see. I didn’t put that together.
Well, it is a workaround for sure. Though it does require leaving Live Mode if you are using the pads, but I usually use my keyboard anyway.

Yeah. That seems like a workaround for sure. I’m usually not in song mode, and likely wouldn’t be using all the pattern slots even if I was, so this could work.
I did like how easy it was on the Pyramid to just mute the track and start jamming and then unmute it and your slick pattern is back rolling. oh well.
I’ll check the feature requests…