Mute global and not on a per seq basis

I find it highly annoying that Hermod track mutes are on a per seq basis and remembered.

Say I have a simple two part song, melody starts on the 1 in both parts. I want to improvise the form like this: A1 A2 B A3. While playing B I decide that the A3 should be without melody. Only thing I can to is go in to A with melody on and mute it fast, but I’ll get that first note. To be able get what I excpected, I should have muted melody at the end of A2, but at that point I didn’t know I wanted to have A3 without melody.

Hope this makes sense. Is there a setting that I overlooked that will makes mute states global and not per seq/remembered?

Saving mute states is useful,
Saying that the pyramid has an option to turn this on/off - so perhaps you can submit this as a feature request for the Hermod

Feature request submitted, really hope to see this soon, the current way is killing my workflow 100%…

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yeah, i can see why it’s useful.

I think with the hermod it’s often a tough call due to the limited UI compared to the pyramid. but perhaps they can add it to the ‘record’ button when on the track page ?
(as it is on the pyramid)

if the number of sequences you have is limited (3 or 4) i usually just copy the muted version of the sequence in the lower corresponding sequences e.g seq 1 have all tracks unmuted, seq 5 is the same sequence but with track x,y and z muted. same thing with seq 2 and 6, 3 and 7, 4 and 8. it´s a workaround that might work in some simpler projects, but really gets in the way when you have many different sequences in 1 project. many feature were added in the 1.50 firmware, and the ui is starting to get really complex and with a lot of button combos to remember, i had to print a cheatsheet for all the combinations

That assumes you always want to have the muted or unmuted play all the way though. I very often play the mute, even on melodies…