Multitrack recording of modulation tracks?

Okay. So I am new to Hermod, I might be missing something here.

I have plugged into the HOST port a ROLI device which is an XYZ controller.

I routed this track’s channel and MIDI CC’s as I wanted and set three modulation tracks up which work perfectly.

When I attempt to record myself playing modulations into this thing… It doesn’t record? I attempted going into a single track, actually selecting it, going into step mode and recording, and it does record, but it doesn’t play the modulation? The tracks are not muted.

I guess my question is how to multitrack record to multiple MODULATION tracks from a single USB source.

And have that play when the play button is pressed, because there seems to be an issue with that. What am I missing?

Are you doing STEP+REC ?

That used to not work, but now it does. A bigger issue has appeared: It seems the modulations are all being recorded perfectly, but are not being played when the play button is pressed. The lights don’t change, it looks like there is nothing recorded even though all three MOD tracks contain MOD sequences showing my recorded modulations.

Tested it with a mod destination: the modulations are not being played back. They are not muted in track mode.

It seems my hermod does not play back recorded modulations. Why?

For any lurkers this was solved in 1.4.