Multiple sounds in a sequence from one synth

Relatively new to pyramid, but i own a microkorg and I would like to have one microkorg sound recorded on one track, then change the track on the pyramid which would then allow me to change the sound on the micrkorg to record and layer my sequence.

I’ve attempted to change the midi channel output on the microkorg to match the track channel that i adjust on the pyramid but with no success. I’m sure there is a way around it but i can"t find any information anywhere
Any help is appreciated!!!

The Pyramid does not record sound, it records note data. The ability to produce the actual sound in such multitrack fashion depends on your synth(s) entirely.

I’ve no experience with the microKORG but looking at it’s specifications, it is multi-timbral up to two sounds, with up to four notes polyphony total. Which means you can do this with two tracks but no more than that. As for how to setup the microKORG to do this, you’ll have to consult the manual.

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Ahhhhhhh makes sense, thank you for your help