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Totally new to pyramid. Just wondering if I could sequence using the same synth and multiple program bank of sounds from my rev 2. It seems that right now every time I switch program bank the notes transfer to the new bank not recording the previous one over top. It might be related to pattern set up but not too sure. Any help greatly appreciated

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It sounds like you are:

  • creating a sequence on the Pyramid and sending the MIDI data to a DSI/Sequential Rev2
  • play the sequence
  • then you change the program/preset on the Rev2, and the sound changes, but the notes that are being triggered are the same.

If that is what you’re experiencing, that is exactly what is supposed to happen.

→ MIDI Data is not audio data.
→ The Pyramid does not record audio.
→ The Rev2 is not multi-timbral in my understanding. That is: it can only make one sound at a time.
Note: I didn’t look at the specs too long, it may be bi-timbral, like the Prophet 12, but that is getting more complex.

I would strongly suggest checking out some basic MIDI tutorials, not just to resolve this query but for continued success. It’s not like learning Python, or C++, or how to rewire a 1982 Chevy Cutlass - I’d say it’s more like learning how to make beef bourguignon.

Quickly though:
MIDI is NOT audio data - it is more like a piano roll on a player piano, with extra control messages stuck in. MIDI records what key you press, how hard you press it, how long you hold it, how quickly you release it (sometimes), and what you do during/after for any modulations (like modwheel, pitchbend, aftertouch, etc) along with any other control type features. The only thing it cares about regarding what sound is playing is what Bank & Program Change message to send (which are part of the control messages), and that is reduced to mere numbers.

I find this extremely flexible, because you can record a track, say a bass sound, with a quickly dialed in patch. Then when you get the rest of a song realised, you can go back and edit or program the patch to better fit your music. once it has been bounced to audio, you’re more limited (in my opinion) regarding what you can change about the sound.

So, in your scenario with 1 sequencer (Pyramid) + 1 synth (rev2), you can have 1 patch playing at a time. You will need to bounce that to audio, or create a split patch (if the rev2 is capable of this), or obtain more gear to realise more audio.

Note: multi-timbral is not the same as polyphonic - polyphonic refers to the number of notes a synth can play at once. Multi-timbral refers to how many timbres a synth can produce at the same time. Example: Emu XL1 is 16 part multi-timbral, 64 voice polyphony. That is, it can play up to 16 different instruments at once, and up to 64 notes total across all of those at the same time (caveat: some patches will require more than one voice, so…keep in mind as you’re learning this stuff, most rules can/will be broken later when you’re a MIDIhead) :smiley:

Edit to add:
Oh, the rev2 does have 2 layers like the Prophet 12. So, you’ll be able to get at least 2 separate sounds with the rev2 if you program it that way. Check the rev2 manual for info on that. I don’t use my prophet that way, but let me know if you need help doing that and I can see what I can figure out. I guess the easier bit would be to look for a preset that is a “split” like bass on the left hand and a lead on the right hand with the keyboard split between the 2 voices. I believe there’s a way to access the 2 layers via separate MIDI channels, but I might have dreamt that.

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Thank you for your time taken to respond with such a detailed answer to my question. It was wishful thinking that I could use my rev2 to record multiple sounds not realizing its limitations to perform more than a couple at the same time via MIDI. The idea I had of the Pyramid was a dawless setup allowing multiple sound recording using the same instrument. But given the limitation from the rev2 it might not be the best idea, other than piling up several instruments to compile a song or use a daw setup.

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