Multi parameter control with 1 knob

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask about that.
I think it would be very interesting to have a kind of Macro function, in order to control several CC or internal pyramid parameters with 1 knob.
I can imagine it as an effect, but it would be better to implement it directly in the assign menu.

What do you think pyramids?


Anyone knows a way to do that ? That would be really awesome

I do it, but it requires a MIDI Event Processor and either loopback or an external controller

So if I understand correctly you send only one cc with the pyramid and your computer transform it in multiple CC’s, then reinject it through a midi interface to your other gear or something ?
I’m curious to hear how you do it if you have time to explain :slight_smile:
For know I use the trackpad X/Y and encoder n5 at the same time it does the trick :slight_smile:

Any data coming out of the Pyramid can be duplicated/translated and sent back in.

1 Loopback: Data being sent out from an Encoder, let’s say CC20 can be redirected back into the Pyramid as CC20, 21, 25, 29, etc. Those incoming CCs can then be routed to Effects, etc.


2 External Controller: I use a button & knob box to send MIDI Note and CC info to a BomeBox which is then translated to multiple CC’s and sent to the Pyramid.

Also keep in mind that using a programmable MIDI Event Processor, you can scale or invert the CC data. That is, you can have CC20 vary 0-127, but CC 21 only goes from 59-73, and while the incoming data goes 0->127 turning the knob clockwise, you can have CC25 decrement as the data increases - that is, knob goes 0->127 turning to the right, but the values that get sent to a specific CC might be 127->0.

Unfortunately, if you want to control Pyramid MIDI Fx via incoming CC’s, one CC can only affect one Effect Parameter. So if you want to, say, increase a value of a MIDI Delay on several percussion tracks, you have to duplicate the data.

“Loopback” is a term I picked up from either here or Elektronauts and apologies if I’m using it incorrectly. I’m taking the output of the device, doing some stuff to the data, and then presenting it on the MIDI In. I use the USB In/Out for this currently, but my MIDI DIN IN is not used in my rig (yet)