MPE MIDI channel mapping?

I have a Hapax on order, an OB-6 (6 channels MPE), and a Deckard’s Dream (8 channels MPE). I will at least need to be able to remap the extra channels (beyond 2-7) going to the OB-6, but it would be really sweet to be able to do that, then pass channels 9-16 on to the DD via the OB-6’s MIDI Thru — all from one Hapax MIDI out. Channel mapping is in Bitwig, and after many requests, in Live 11.1, so hopefully it will be added to Hapax. Anyone else looking for this?

I use MPE a lot, and to be honest, I don’t really get what you are asking for…
are you talking about the mpe ‘split’ mode?
currently Hapax is not supporting the ‘split’ mode of the MPE, which I guess would be the correct way to to solve this (i.e. implement the standard) , that said, its rarely supported by sound engines in my experience :frowning:

currently what Ive been doing is using separate cables for separate MPE devices, which is ok… but not ideal. Ive also talked to squarp about usb ‘ports’ which would be very useful for multiple virtual MPE sound engines.
apart from that when it comes to channel ‘mapping’ I tend to do this in my mioXM.

anyway, definitely an area you will have to raise as a feature request to Squarp via the contact form

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Agreed that this would be a valuable feature.