Mode Select Bug with Version 1.21

Hey guys, I updated my Hermod for the first time last night (it was 1.1 out of the box) to 1.21. In version 1.1 I had no noticeable bugs of any sort, but since the update I have run into a major one.

I can’t switch between any of the four modes with any consistency. Say I’m in sequence mode; if I press step mode, the screen will switch to step mode when I’m holding it, but then return to sequence mode once I let go of it. Sometimes it switches modes correctly, but I’d say only about 35% of the time.

Am I doing something stupid here, or has anyone else run into this bug?

Tap it,
holding does a temporary shift, eg to allow you to change track length.

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Hm… I’ll try when I get back and update. Not expecting this to be the problem, though, as I have had the Hermod for about a month prior to this and was able to go through modes without any problem.