Mod Matrix Not Working With CC's (fixed with new firmware!)

I’m looking to utilize the mod matrix with MIDI CC’s. I’ve tried using multiple MIDI sources, different cables, etc. to trouble shoot. No matter what it seems that the Mod will not set up consistently. I’ve gotten it to work sometimes, but with no commonality I can find between successful set up instances. Once it’s set up successfully, the modulation works beautifully. Unfortunately, thats been rare, like less than 10% of my attempts the past few days.

Because it does works sometimes, I don’t think the issue is on my end. Is this feature buggy or does my unit have an issue? If it never worked, I would be more convinced I was not doing something correctly.

Hopefully I’m just missing something, but I’ve tried everything I can think to troubleshoot. This is the one feature I was most excited about using on the Hermod.

Fixed with the new firmware :+1: