Midi TYPE 1 files for patterns

Hey…I am looking for anyones experience with crating MIDI TYPE 1 files for patterns. I have some older songs I created with ableton that i would like to port to the Pyramid but it only exports TYPE 0…So i need to export one really long midi file and then cut it up and distribute it on the Pyramid with can be a time consuming.

I am on a mac and looking for recommendations on what works. I am thinking Logic X can do it but would love to here anyones success story or if there is another program to look at.

On a side note and prefaced by not knowing anything about programing i think there could be a better option with keeping the files all MIDI TYPE 0 (with are IMO easier to work with)

By storing them as track08pattern1.mid and could definitely change the name and so on. But I’m sure thats not an easy task with building on to whats already going on.

I would just love to do some computer flopping and re arranging of pattens via the computer. I often create a project that part of songs come at different times and then need to re orange so they are in a logical order for the song.

I switch back and forth from using SONAR and Ableton Live to construct MIDI patterns. Ableton doesn’t Export Type 1 MIDI files, but SONAR will. There are also freeware and relatively inexpensive software sequencers out there that will let you export Type 1 MIDI files, but I can’t link you one for Mac because I don’t Mac. They gotta be out there, eh?

That being said:
To import for multiple patterns what I do is save each (software) sequence as a separate Type 0 .mid file destination a separate Pyramid Track, then do the Copy/Paste on the Pyramid into destination Track&Pattern. You have to have plenty of empty Pyramid Tracks to do this if you use quite a few Pyramid Patterns, although I imagine you could create a dummy Pyramid Project, create the Patterned Track info, then copy it over to the destination Project. (This just popped into my head and I think I will try that…Pyramid does NOT import Type 1 MIDI files, contrary to what the documentation infers…but I wonder if it can read it’s own Patterned Track files. ooooh!)

Sidenote: I do not agree that only working with Type 0 .mid files is a better option since I regularly work with Type 1 files (when I work with .mid files, that is), but as always: your mileage may vary. :slight_smile: To me it’s not a programming thing as much as a ‘knowing your tools’ thing, but I come from a different era.

okay wait. so having a 16 track TYPE 1 file will not fill up the patterns on a track?

I guess i think they are easier to work in this regard because they are more in the open and you could re orange your entire patterns in a window on a computer.

I have been in the MIDI game for a bit :slight_smile:

32 Patterns per Pyramid Track

Pyramid Sequencer User Guide v2.0 Page 31

sorry im getting supper confused. TYPE 1 files don’t import to the pyramid?


My current understanding: Whether Bug or Feature, importing Type 1 .mid files with the intention that each separate track in the Type 1 .mid file ends up as a different Pyramid Pattern within one Pyramid Track ends up sticking the note data in places other than what is expected. (I think for my tests it all ended up on the highest numbered track, or something)


“Note: if your track includes multiple patterns, it will be saved as a type 1 midi file (multiple track file). In the same way, if you import a type 1 midi file, all tracks will be imported as multiple patterns.”

That makes me think it is supposed to do it. I guess i need to hunt down some files to test out.

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I would be interested in hearing of your results testing this process since this issue was discussed a few times here.

I’ve considered looking at the Pyramid created Patterned Track MIDI files (on the SD Card) and comparing their file headers to Type 1 .mid files that I’m trying to import just to see if some extraneous header data created by the sequencer software is barf’ing on the Pyramid, but doing the grunt work version (ie lots of Type 0’s Copy/Pasted individually into Patterns) has been my workaround. Plus I didn’t really get a response from Squarp on the issue when I msg’d them 4 months ago, so I gave up.

Kind of a PITA if you create on a DAW and want flexibility on Pyramid for performance/modulation/tweaking, but not really an issue if you create on the Pyramid.

Oh, caveat: I’m still a Pyramid n00b. Only had my unit for 4 months or so, and once I realised the Type 1 .mid file import nerf I went back to creating/working on my existing tracks on a DAW with an editing eye on “how am I going to slice this up if/when I want to perform with the Pyramid”.