MIDI Set-up Logic Pro X

Hi All,

Question regarding integrating the squarp pyramid into Logic Pro X

How do integrate my squarp into logic pro x and set it up so I can record all my midi information into logic aswell as play back information from logic to my devices that are integrated into the squarp?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m struggling to get things up and running


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Do I need an item such as an Iconnect box to route all my midi into logic and back out again?

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Following here . Seems does Iconnect box does the trick …
I have to remind myself Pyramid is not an Midi USB hub

Well a midi router/hub will help you physically connect all your midi gear, and avoid looping.

What is doesn’t do is to setup your the MIDI in you’r DAW for you, that you need to do like with any other controller and how to set it depends entirely on what you want to do.