MIDI Program Change Question

I’m trying to learn to control my Strymon Volante Tape Delay emulation pedal with the Pyramid. I understand MIDI CCs as they are sent as numerical values registered from a knob/pot position represented by a value of 0-127. Been using these for years, but I just learned about control changes, where I can call up a patch and other device parameters. I’ve never done this and all the manuals seem to expect I know the process so I’m having a hard time figuring this out.

The Strymon manual in order to set the MIDI channel I want (7) requires me to in their words…

“Channel set by next MIDI message. With this option, MIDI Channel is set to the channel of the next incoming MIDI Program Change message received.”

How do I initiate the Program Change message? What gets turned/pressed/activated? As I understand it’s not a midi key and not a knob. So what is it then? I feel like I’m missing something super simple.

Help? :slight_smile:

[2nd]+[Track] then Encoder #1 will send a PgmChg msg (notated as (1)PC in the Display)


It worked! Wow thank you so much.

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