Midi parameter locks on smartpads in live mode

Hi all,

I would like to be able to set different combinations of midi parameters (multiple cc, velocity, etc., with or without notes) and assign each combination to a smartpad, in the same way it is possible to assign chords in custom mode. Basically, it would be like pressing a smartpad and a note pad like in the repeat mode for example, but instead of repeating, it would apply the combination of parameters we defined.
I don’t know if it is clear, the Polyend Medusa has this functionality, here is a clear example at 8’35" : Review of Polyend Medusa by Loopop.

I know we can do that per step in step mode, but I would like to be able to do it interactively in live mode. Is there already a way to do that that I overlooked ? If not, I might request it but I wanted to ask before if there is a way to do something similar.


no… not possible.
we have no way of assigning anything to the smart pads, they have very specific function to create notes (in various ways) - so even externally you cannot ‘see’ the smart pad being pressed.

so would be a FR for https://squarp.net/contact

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I’m not understanding how you want to use these CC modulations (entering data or performance), but it seems to sound a bit similar to my last incarnation of how I interfaced with my Pyramid for a mock up performance mode.

I left Bank D for realtime sequenced modulations, which were all short sequences of CC changes set in Trigger Mode that sent to channels which were accepting Note Events from other Pyramid Tracks.

So, like a melody being played from Tracks on Bank C and I have my Bank D in front of me while playing. Then I can press a Pad which activates a snippet of CC Modulations, like a CC07 or CC11 Stutter or a fast quick pan CC10 back and forth for 2 beats.

But remember: Velocity is a function of the Note Event, so generally not something you can modulate on a separate Track unless you adjust your synth patch to respond appropriately.

Thanks a lot both for your answers. Your method looks like a good workaround and I will test it asap. However, the fact of being able to assign different midi presets to smartpads in live mode would allow to play and interect both with the melody and cc parameters within the same track, so more flexibility, no need to go back and forth between the tracks. In other words, let’s say I recorded cc automation per step in step mode. I would like to assign the state of the cc parameters of a given step to a smartpad in live mode, so that I can experiment playing a melody with one hand while changing between cc parameters with the other hand. On the Medusa, it is possible to assign only cc parameters or note event and cc parameters. If both were possible to implement, that would be awesome, but only cc events would be already a good experimentation tool. I’ll contact Squarp for the request.

Thanks again for the answers !

So I will request