Midi notes question lower the N000

to sequence my bastl microgranny, I need to call notes in the minus 2 octave. I see that midi note n000 is c -1. How do I call c -2 in the definition file?

Hi pepijnkok,
Never heard of negative midi notes.
Midi note 0 is already only 8.18 Hz

MIDI Notes are 0-127
Some synths consider Note 0 to be C -1, others C -2. This is irrelevant.

Note 0 is Note 0

Note 0 can even be B2 if you set up your synth this way. Again: MIDI Note # and what musical note this represents is a function of your synth.

Notation on the Pyramid in Piano roll/Step Mode notwithstanding, of course. Some systems start at C -1 and some at C -2, and Id swear there are some that consider Note 0 to he C0. YMMV

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