MIDI Notes drop on sequences and retrigger on loop/end

This behavior is recent (I don’t remember having this problem before) but I’m encountering two frustrating issues sequencing here.

Issue 1:
1.) I have two patterns forming an A/B pair
2.) created a simple sequence of A->B
3.) Everytime that the sequence changes from A to B, the very first notes of B just go missing.
4.) This problem exists regardless of synth (Both Nymphes and Digitone exhibit the same behavior)
5.) If I invert from B->A the issue still exists when A starts playing

Issue 2:
1.) I have a single synth part with some simple chords, the final chord holds a long time as it’s point is to be a fadeout
2.) Every time that sequence plays–even when isolated as the only sequence in existence–upon the completion of the track, the notes retrig as if the Pyramid starts the loop and immediately fires a notes-off
3.) This happens even if the sequence length is less than the length of the track
4.) This happens even if I insert a blank 4-bar track after my target sequence.

(I can get audio demos of this if necessary.)

please report bugs/issue via the contact form

Is this really a bug? I can’t believe this isn’t just something I may have screwed up?

no, its not necessarily a bug, but given the details supplied…its hard think of anything else it might be.

I mean you tried other synths, eliminated issues with your hardware setup … and notes dont just ‘go missing’.

that said, on the flip side, many people use patterns on the Pyramid, and have not reported issues. (afaik) - so its hard to believe, that just switching patterns (issue 1) always misses the first note :wink:
so, my suspicion, is indeed there is something else going on, but theres just not enough to go on to say what.

to debug these kind of scenarios, id be doing things like looking at the midi monitor,
trying to replicate in simple projects … perhaps trying previous firmware (you think it didnt happen before?!)

but I recognise this kind of debugging is not for everyone, and can be pretty frustrating, we all have 'better things to do ’ - in which case filing an issue is probably the best way forward.

hey, i have this problem when i push a note at the start of a loop ahead of the beat. I also have this problem when my tracks aren’t set to start at the beginning when i switch sequences (i think its called a track mode or a play mode, i can’t remember and my squarp is 1000 miles away today sadly).

i thought of one more - some synths can’t program change and get the first note and I have to send the program change in advance of the first note.

So in the process of writing a bug report, I created a fresh project to handle this, and lo and behold the NEW project doesn’t have this “feature.” Luckily, I tracked around the problem but it is worrisome that a project file could get corrupt like that.

I played with the settings you were talking about @vt100 but those didn’t affect the project in question.

Like @vt100 pointed out, a note with negative offset at the start of the track will behave this way. Besides the “obvious” recorded offset visible in step-mode, this happens with quantizer moved notes too, ie with human- setting.

That’s not to say there couldn’t be other causes, but I’ve been down this route too: set out to create a reproducer for that pesky missed note, and then realize I couldn’t. And later realized that the tracks exhibiting the issue very likely had humanizer enabled.

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BOOM! There it is!

Thank you @pmatilai and @vt100

It was the quantizer!


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