MIDI Learn with Omni Mode set to specific channel?

Hi there!
I am wondering why Midi Learn (for notes or chords) in step mode does not work anymore as soon as I set the Omni Mode setting (in the Midi in settings) to a specific channel. In our setup, we live record into pyramid from different controllers by setting them to channel 6. However, I would also want to Midi learn notes and chords in step mode by holding a step and then press the notes on the controller. This only works when Omni mode is set to Multitrack off or Multitrack bank x and stops working when a single channel is selected. On the track, I can still see the arrows for incoming and outgoing (thru) midi, I can nicely record in live mode but midi learn in step mode does not work anymore.

Anyone has an idea if this is meant to be that way (and why) or if it’s rather a bug?

Appreciate any hint!

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yeah, i noticed that bug on version 3.22. it looks like they fixed it in 3.23 :slight_smile:

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