Midi latency when playing live with an external midi device

Hi everyone,

I am using my Pyramid with a midi drum module that has pads (Nord drum 3p).
I want to record a midi sequence triggering the ND3P pads with local control deactivated, so that the pyramid receives the midi notes from the ND3P, is able to record it and send it back to the module to be played.
Well, it works perfectly, except that I get some latency as the midi has to loop back to my module, which is kind of disturbing me a little (maybe 20ms…)
Is there a way to improve that?

What is in between the Pyramid and the Nord Drum on both the send and receive?

Same here,

I can say I’m quite a good keys player as It’s my profession, but I always find myself quantizing my loops / tracks after I’ve recorded them into pyramid.

Our live setup with MPC, SQUARP and my 3 syhths =


still experimenting with MULTITRACK on/off MIDI ECHO on/off LOCAL on/off on my synths, to see what works best…

At this time, I’m like the OP not able to capture my live / ‘human’ performance as is. There’s too much latency indeed…

It’s a little bit stupid needing to quantize a good but also lively / ‘not perfect’ performance first, while adding ‘human feel’ to it afterwards :stuck_out_tongue:

any advice appreciated!

I have everything connected to an iConnectMidi box. All the data flows thru it. 0 midi chains. I have exactly 0 latency. Its just that amazing.

i recently got the iconnectivity mio10 which is really perfect for use with pyramid. unlimited filtering, merging, and channel and control remapping across 10 din pairs and 3 usb ports.

Really eliminates latency when you can route only the necessary messages and filter everything else. This allows I/O from every instrument assuming the hardware has a local off function. If you’re instruments do not have local off, the anti echo function will help but since it is a global setting you can’t set it per track which would be nice.

multitrack is still confusing to me. seems like it would really dictate your workflow. It’s not for me personally because not every one of my synths has a keyboard, so i’m relying on omni to pass the controller data to the track i select


I don’t use a midi merger/splitter or any intermediate device between the 2 boxes. Units are connected directly via midi cable.
I don’t know if the latency is there if I try to record incoming notes but it is definitely there when my nord drum is triggered by the midi signal coming from the pyramid back to my drum module. Maybe 20ms.
I am not a pro player but with percussive sounds this kind of issue quickly becomes noticeable.

If you plug one keyboard directly to the pyramid (midi in & out), is it ok though?

I have everything connected to an iConnectMidi box. All the data flows thru it. 0 midi chains. I have exactly 0 latency. Its just that amazing.

Hello Joosep,

you mean one of the MiO MIDI interface or the MIDI4+? Does it work standalone so no need to connect via PC to be able to use it?

So you send all your synths INs & OUTs to that interface and in the software you link those synths to the MIDI ports of the Pyramid, am I right?

Do you mind to share a little schedule of that setup?

sure MIDI ECHO is off or LOCAL off on the NORD?

I use the iCM4+. Suits my needs. All of my devices that support MIDI over USB hook up to a powered USB hub (also Pyramid) and USB hub is connected to the iCM4+.
The iCM4+ is also connected to the PC that I mirror all the MIDI flow incase I want to record it straight in a the DAW. I have both messages going from the Pyramid and messages going into the Pyramid also sent to the PC. iCM4+ allows all kinds of whacky and smart signal flows. As one midi channel can practiaclly go anywhere and to any number of destinations at once. This way I can also access any of my instrument from the PC to send SYSEX data without any rewiring. Super neat!

Only one wire going into the Pyramid! Super sleek!


Okay Thanks Joosep,

Not all my synths support USB and with my Nord Stage 2EX I always experience some kind of a disturbing hiss / humm when connected via USB.

So I’ll keep it MIDI for most of the synths I guess, and I’ll plug them directly to the Iconnect MIDI device when I have it…

As we don’t use a computer live, because Pyramid and MPC are our sequencing friends and we don’t wanna work with laptop live, I guess the settings programmed on the ICM4+ are saved into memory of the device, so you can use it without connecting to a computer?

Am I correct that length of MIDI cables can influence the latency also?

Maybe the OP can consider to try some shorter MIDI cables also??

I think the beauty if the iConnect devices are that they all work as MIDI mergers, splitters, filters etc, all in one clean box. When picking out one, just make sure you will have enough IO to connect all your instruments. the iCM4+ only has 4 pairs of MIDI DINs.

And yes ofcourse they are all standalone. You use the software to set it up and save the settings. After that you are ready to rock without a computer! :slight_smile:

As my PC is connected to the Pyramid, it also listens to the start/stop and clock. This I use every time I record. As my DAW will start recording along when I press play on the Pyramid :slight_smile: Everything in sync!

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Another voice of praise for the iconnectivity mio10- it works really well, and it’s nice to have all the midi connections going to the rack - keeps things tidy.

I route all three midi outs (din 1, din 2, usb) to the mio 10, and then send those out to outs 1-3, 4-6, and 7-10. Each receiving box on 1-3 for instance gets a different midi channel setting (or set of channels if it’s multi-timberal).

By turning off midi echo at the Pyramid, I can leave the local devices on and still use the keyboards / knobs, or record them to the pyramid, since the mio10 routes all the midi outs from the other devices back to the Pyramid in.

This also means no latency when recording, as I am hearing the device being triggered by its own controls, and not after the midi events have gone to the Pyramid and back. The timing can sound a bit different on playback though.

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I asked the question just to clear up if it maybe a device creating the latency or not. 20ms is a lot. Can you check the Nord Drum recording on a different sequencer? Just to ensure it’s not an issue with it’s MIDI transmission.

There shouldn’t be any issue with that and would be a good way to test if the latency isn’t the Nord Drum itself. Plug a keyboard in and record and see if the issue continues.

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was this problem ever solved (the latency?)

I have a nord drum 2 and kenton midi merge/thru too, and just acquired a squarp pyramid so this does not sound very promising haha

please dont raise, 3.5 year old posts from the dead.