MIDI In Settings - Checking my understanding to avoid future drama

Sorry, sorry, sorry.
I know this is in the manual but I just want to check if I’m missing something.

Using a Controller to control aspects of the Pyramid, specifically incoming CC’s to affect the FX and Note info for Transpose.

PyraMIDI is OFF (since I’m not using those features)
Assign to: Master Transpose (for the Note Events)
Omni/MultiTrack Mode: Whut?*

There is no setting to specify that for only modulating the Master Transpose externally to “listen” for Note Events on a specific MIDI channel, correct? The only options I’m seeing for listening for specific MIDI Channels are for PyraMIDI and for MultiTrack Channel.

*re: Omni/MultiTrack - I’m getting lost in my tests to figure out how to approach this for my workflow & rig. I work with MIDI clips - I don’t record into the Pyramid. Right now any synths that get played live do not send data thru the Pyramid, I don’t LiveLoop, and I don’t record keyboard->Pyramid. This is the stupid bit, but I figure it will all come out in the wash…eventually.

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You can either use multitrack off and send midi to the selected track which will be set as master transpose.(this track has to have focus at all times)
use multitrack on and specify a specific track as master transposer and select the correct midi channel on your midi controller/another sequencer.
Eg: So if you use multitrack on bank A and your master track is 02A then your external midi channel is 2


Bril! Thank you!
That helped clear a few of the misunderstandings hiding in the corners of my brain. Haven’t really used the Transpose feature yet (it’s on the backburner in case I want to try an offshoot of the current project - haven’t had a need for it…yet), but I’m changing up my external control scripts so…whee!