Midi in, oxigen-8 stopped working with 3.10

i’m sending midi in from an oxigen-8, (i know, i should get a proper midi keyboard, but i’m on the road now, and this thing is expendable) to a dsi tetra. midi channel 1 works fine straight, without the pyra in the chain, than i put the pyramid in the chain, i get no midi thru, hence no sound, pyramids keys work, got sound. in the midi in monitor says something strange, like start stop messages, when i press notes and then the pyramid is frozen quickly, i have to reboot it.
is there anything i miss? i set up the track, go live, chanel one. it worked for me on 3.0. so i need help. HELP! anyone having this? is oxigen buggy with pyramid? checked on my g2 engine now, works too without the pyramid. :frowning: bah, cant figure it out. i need velocity, i need to put tracks down, help!

Oh and I’m using Midi Out + Thru, i just read the topic on that. Didn’t this get fixed? Also the Oxigen is powered with an adapter, in midi mode. cable is ok. I’m stomped now. :confused: How to troubleshoot this?