Midi fx not working with imported midi files!

Hi, quick help needed. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. I searched the forum and manual and could find an answer.
I successfully imported midi files that are playing as exspected through their automatically assigned tracks. The problem is when I try to apply midi fx to the track , selecting the Fx in any available slot it just doesn’t work and just exits the fx screen. Am I missing something, I have tried re saving using save as after files were added to the pyramid file. Please help this is driving me crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sounds like a bug to me -> http://squarp.net/contact

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Thanks for the reply, the weird thing is Fx don’t work with midi sequences I created within the pyramid in the same project. When I load a new project without any imported files fx work again. I guess I’ll try a reinstall of firmware and check those imported files to make sure there isn’t anything causing it to get confused. So there is nothing simple I am missing in the menus and settings or inherent limitations of the squarp that could explain this?

Oh, if it’s on all tracks then one possible explanation might be simply running out of memory. If that’s the case there should be an exlamation mark at the top of the screen, settings -> info screen will tell you more about the memory use.

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That’s it! thanks so much, I had dumped all of my midi files to preview into one pyramid project so likely to much for it to handle. Great, really relieved it isn’t a limitation of the pyramid as just bought it and really excited to use this feature

I’d say you did hit a limitation alright, the amount of memory (or lack of thereof) is perhaps the biggest individual limiting factor on the Pyramid. You’ll want to pay close attention to what you import and consider cleaning things up on a DAW first, eg various expression CC’s which you wouldn’t even notice in a DAW can eat up significant amount of memory.