MIDI FX: Enable / Disable per Pattern?

I feel like there must be a way to do this that I’m missing: Is it possible to automatically enable / disable a MIDI FX based on not the track, but the pattern? For example, I love the Euclidean generator for drums, but when the drum track is on an empty pattern, I want no Euclidean generation either.

Is the answer in the automation lanes?

I think “MIDI FX optionally per pattern as a track setting, not just per track” will go into my list of ideas that I’ll eventually send to Squarp. I feel like whenever I started using MIDI Fx, I ended up annoyed that they’d carry over to other patterns, not just the one I meant to use them in.

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FX Slots can be enabled/disabled per pattern!


Oh, so the ON/OFF toggle is per pattern and not for the entire track? Gee, how did I miss that! Thanks!

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Check out the part about “Locking effect parameters to patterns”. FX settings (including on/off) are per-track by default, but can by “locked” to a pattern by holding 2nd. Settings that are locked to a pattern will not change if later tweaked elsewhere.

So you can lock an FX “on” for a pattern and “off” everywhere else, or vice versa.


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