Midi Fighter 3D + Pyramid - share a mapping?

Because my other drum pad wouldn’t allow flexible note assignment, I picked up a MF3D. While I have yet to sort out the assignments fully, I have noticed that as soon as I connect the 3D to the RK-006, the Pyramid and 3D (default settings) conflict. The Pyramid ceases to send or convey notes.

What I find strange is that the keystep can happily stay on the chain and trigger drums via the Pyramid (essentially in the same midi setup as the 3D) with no issues.

Being as I have supplemental power to the USB hub, this leads me to believe that something in the default MF3D mapping is problematic for the Pyramid. Does anyone have an example config that I can use as a basis to build off. I’m really thinking simple 16 drum notes using the MIDI standard drum note values, but if you have a basic drum map I should be able to swap the notes themselves.

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