Midi echo or anti echo? OS3

i’m on OS3

i’m in the SETTINGS midi in MENU.
the os3 manual says “anti echo” which can be on/off
my pyramids screen says “midi echo” which can be on/off /midi A /midi B

there’s also a menu option called “clock timeout” which isn’t mentioned in the manual.

i want to have my sub 37 send midi on channel 3 to track 3, i want the pyramid to send sequences to the sub 37 on channel 3…
so far i cannot get any midi in to the pyramid, is the midi echo part of it? (ive tried both settings with no effect, i’m not getting any midi in to the pyramid at all).

look at the online manual it appears to be more up to date


you can report any mistakes in the pdf version to squarp

squarp have asked for all bugs/feature requests etc to be logged via their website, rather than on the forum.
(so that they can track them properly) http://squarp.net/contact

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i never noticed the menu at the top, i thought the quick start was all that was online. this is a huge relief! thank you again!