Midi Controller for pyramid

hello I just purchased a pyramid to control most of my gear.

  • I currently own a push 2 and I am wondering if it would be a good midi controller for the pyramid? What is the integration for steps/chords mode like?
  • What are other good options for a midi controller to enter notes for pyramid?


if you want to control the pyramid you will need something that can be configured to send particular CC - you should also familirise yourself with pyramidi, as this determines what you control on the pyramid … its a good set, but its far from everything.

enterings notes, anything will work.

beyond this you can also assigned CCs to particular midi fx.

you will need a controller that has midi din (or a midi trs + adapter to din)

something that quickly switch between midi channels is very useful too.

not quite sure what you mean by this…
the pyramid will respond to note on/off - so will reflect what you play on the keyboard.
you can also assign notes to the things like smart chords and master transpose.

see : https://squarp.net/pyramid/manual/settings#ancre02

i think above all, the question here is what are you trying to achieve.

personally, I just use a keyboard (for note entry) , beyond that I tend to just use the Pyramid itself - as i find the UI very good on it.


I’m having similar issues with using a controller keyboard as a main device to play chords/programme synth parts via midi into Pyramid. I’ve tried my Keystep Pro and my Rev 2. I bought the Erica Synths Thru box thinking that would help. All my synth modules go there from their respective MIDI ins. The out is sent to Pyramid channel A.
I sent out from Rev to IN on the Pyramid. Nothing. I tried the same with Keystep Pro. Nothing.
I need the Pyramid USB connected to my laptop to record and clock with my DAW so that rules that out.
I’ve been through the manual so many times my head hurts.
What obvious setting am I missing?
Also I don’t understand the response above regarding MIDI CC. Forgive me, I’m old!

the OP did not say they were having issues… just was looking for recommendations for a controller

if you are having issues then I suggest creating a new thread - detailing carefully how you hav things setup.
the more details you give the more likely we can help - when we get posts saying ‘i plug in X and it doesnt work’ this gives us nothing to go on. the plain fact is most of us here have midi keyboards attach that work fine - so its all down to details.
btw: your first step is to use the built-in midi monitor (info-> midi in) to check you are receiving midi where you expect it to be.

Thanks for the pointer. I’ll do just that. I’ve been scanning various threads on this an other sites in relation to Pyramid and midi controllers and when i seen the OP i thought it might be the place to address the issues i’m having. I mean no disrespect and i apologise.

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