Midi Clock & Sync > Thru not working?

Hermod doesn’t seem to send Midi Clock and Transport onwards via Midi Thru. I have Thru set up in Settings (Midi > Midi = On) and notes and other messages are sent onwards. But Midi Clock & Transport is not.

I’m on 1.41.

It works if I use the USB Device port… but I then experience dropped notes with that. If it’s not one thing, it’s another :sweat_smile:

After some more testing, I can confirm Midi Clock & Transport Thru works in Hermod OS1.3 (and I assume lower) but not 1.4 and above. So it’s back to the days of manually pressing Play buttons… and… 1…2…3… press

:tired_face: @squarpadmin

I also experience the same, midi clock thru not working anymore with version 1.40 :slightly_frowning_face:

Just downloaded and installed 1.41, was hoping this would bring back the midi clock thru but also with 1.41 it is not working.

I really hope an update will follow soon which brings back the midi clock & transport thru, because now without it as a midi sequencer the Hermod has a big handicap