Midi channel designation all play at once

new to dawless, and felt i needed a pyramid for many reasons.
Now ive ran three synths from my 1010blackbox with my digitackt in sync.
Tonight all night i cant seem to run seperate channels. They all play at once.

Pyramid out a or b, to kenton 5 thru. 2 argon8ms on 1 and 2 and a vermona lancet on 3. but i get a synth stack of all three. DIgitakt however knows what to do. lol.

I went fidling thru the forum, the manual and the menues, also updated the argons. Latest os on the pyramid according to its settings. idk what to try next.

What MIDI channels are your synths set to receive on?


this was it, the synths faults not the pyramid and thank you. I could not for the life od me find out how to change midi channels on the argons, turns out i had to use the app. if there is a way to do it straight from the sythn’s interface that would be pretty useful. EIther way you did help me figgure it out!

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