MIDI channel assignment, Please help!


Mental block or reading comprehension issues but getting frustrated trying to get two keyboards to send data to Pyramid on discrete MIDI channels.

Able to get two MIDI streams thru a MIDI Solutions Merge, into Pyramid but on the SAME CHANNEL.

Please walk me through setting Pyramid up so that:
Incoming from the two keyboards is received on TWO CHANNELS.

I can set the devices to two different channels, say MIDI channels 1 & 2
I can change a track’s MIDI channel assignment AFTER I record it but that is useless.

Want to set up Pyramid to receive one keyboard’s MIDI stream to CH 1 and the other keyboard’s MIDI stream to CH 2.

  1. Is this doable and how (steps please)?
  2. Can I create a template project to reuse this config for every sequence recorded?

Any help, even mixed with tolerant condescension, appreciated!



AIUI you’ll need to set Pyramid OMNI mode to MULTITRACK A/B/C/D, after which Pyramid will receive channel 1 on track 1, channel 2 on track 2 etc, on the selected track bank A/B/C/D.

I don’t have personal experience with this, just remember seeing some discussions about it. Searching the forum for “multitrack” should turn up additional info.