Midi 2.0 support?

I’m curious are there any plans to support Midi 2.0? Or will it require new Hardware?

Well there are a lot of different parts to MIDI 2.0.

As things stand with the spec right now, only the auto-mapping stuff (CI/Property Exchange) can work over MIDI DIN, the rest need USB.

Also in theory the added resolution, per-note modulators etc would require more RAM/storage space, including when we think about this stuff in terms of what maximum amount of memory would need to be allowed for within the Hapax per pattern. And I think this would be an issue, would run into limits because of how much RAM the Hapax has available for the currently loaded project.

It would also be a very large amount of development work, even if there are no other hardware barriers to supporting it. And the gains for users would be very slow to emerge due to slow overall adoption of MIDI 2.0. But if the overall landscape looks very different in a few years time, who knows.

I suppose I dont really expect the full feature set to be supported. If large numbers of devices add CI/Property Exchange support then that would be handy to have that stuff in the Hapax. But even if they didnt add support for that, someone could probably write a utility that allows Hapax Instrument Definition files to be partially generated via CI/property Exchange, reducing the amount of work people need to do to make these files.

Just high resolution cc would be awesome

Property exchange on it’s own is pure gold! Then imagining highres-CC :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Of course … currently there are very, very few devices utilizing Midi 2.0 … but Korg released the Opsix, etc modules with partly utlize Midi 2.0 … so something is happening

Currently, there are no plans to support MIDI 2.0. That’s not to say it won’t ever happen, but don’t expect that any time soon.
This spec is still in its infancy, and the cost of development would vastly surpass the actual added value for customers, since so few devices actually implement it. We certainly have other priorities at the moment.