Microtiming weirdness when live recording?

Whenever I record with live mode on the Hapax, the recorded microtiming values seem to completely ignore whatever my track or project quantize settings are. I can have the project quantized to 16th notes and the note on the step view grid will be on a 16th note, but there will still be microtiming applied that negates any quantizing. And I can’t find any good way to remove microtiming on all notes at the same time. If I select all the notes and adjust microtiming, it just shifts it on all notes without any way to set it to 0% for all notes. I can’t find anything that addresses this in the manual either.

Yes, the quantizing is only applied on playback. And I scratched my head about a way to quickly remove the microtiming, but luckily there is one: All + press microtiming encoder.
In general: Encoder press returns value to default. In this case, zero.

On the Pyramid there was a ‘consolidate’ function, which would write all effects into the track’s MIDI (including quantization) which basically does what you want.

It’s been a frequent feature request for the Hapax, so fingers crossed it’ll come soon.


The problem with All + hold microtiming is that it shifts the whole note, not only the start position. This may result in wrong playback of synths where legato playing affects things like envelope triggerings and glide.

Ideally Squarp should add an option to apply destructive quantization to a set of notes that affects the start position of a note only. And optionally quantization of both start and end positions.