Microfreak not sending Midi over USB to Hermod (Host)

I think all the devices I have tried yet either at the host or the device port were able to send Midi to Hermod. I have connected an Arturia Microfreak that is only powered over the USB port of the Hermod (that seems to work). But sending Midi … Hermod doesn’t react. Any Ideas?

I tried it with a powered Microfreak now. It also doesn’t work. Midi Channel OUT on the Microfreak is set to 1, but also doesn’t work with any of the others. It doesn’t matter if I set it to USB or BOTH, no signal seems to appear on the Hermod. Any ideas?

Can anyone with a Microfreak try this please?

Hello? :confused:

Was solved in todays firmware update if anyone will read this in the future.

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