Master Transpose Track Workflows

How do you guys work with the master transpose track? Any cool tricks?
I find it super cool and use it heavily in some tracks – but it’s a fairly new feature and I haven’t seen many people work with it.

Little tip from me: try putting a fast arp on the master transpose and maybe a chance FX.
Makes some nice glitches.

The only downside is that the Master Transpose kills all sustaining notes and there is awkward silence until the next note is triggered on the instrument tracks.

I wish there was a “dynamic retrigger” option when using the master transpose.
Ah, I know – no more feature requests. But I just can’t help myself. It would be awesome if we could use pitchbend on the Master Transpose. Imagine, it could be automated and give your whole tune a warbly dimension. If not overused it could somewhat emulate a tape machine/wow & flutter.

Was that a sneaky cheeky feature request? :wink:
Anyway, feel free to share your master transpose tricks!

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If you take advantage of the Scale effect you can do all sorts of great, musical things with even very complex arps (and arps modulating the arps).

My favorite transpose trick is for drums. I have 7 drum triggers set up for notes c-2 through b-2 with my Endorphins Shuttle Control… If I transpose the drum parts it totally shifts the pattern. Instant fills.


Nice idea! I’ve never used it on drums, but it totally makes sense. Will try that!

hi did you send trig from pyramid in poly mode to shuttle? befaco midi to trig?..

I’m not totally sure what your question is, but Shuttle Control allows you to select what each of its 16 outputs does independently. I have 7 of them set to trigger whenever a C-2 through B-2 is played on channel 16. I connect to the Shuttle Control via USB (and thus pass USB MIDI to it).

…i mean you work in poly mode on pyramid,use just one track …

for all triggered drum modules…

I could do both. I typically use one track per part so I can quickly mute them, but it works with poly sequences too.

Really wish it didn’t have this behavior, its so close to perfection otherwise

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Is there a way to internally transpose one track with another, without having to plug a midi cable from one Out back to the In?

Use the Master Transpose function. You can find it in the Track options (2nd + Track). That sets whether the track is getting transposed then you set the channel doing the transposing to the Transpose channel (far right of the Channels, looks like a quarter note with a +).

Perfect, thanks! Don’t know how I overlooked that

Hey Maximee,
how do you use the MIDI FX on the Master Transpose track? I tried to put on an arp on the Master Transpose track per your suggestion above, but the FX don’t seem to apply to any of the tracks. Are there special settings, different from the normal Master Transpose track settings, that must be applied for the FX to work? I can get the transpose function itself to work, but not the fx.

Just guessing, but you need to put notes on the master transpose track, of course. Try either holding a chord on the smart pads in LIVE mode on the active master transpose track. Or program a chord via STEP, just don’t forget to make the note length long enough for the arp to have an effect. I made a little video that i can upload later, if that helps.


I had this problem too and I just find it does it when the human- parameter of the quantizer is different from 0%.
I know it is an old topic but if it can help…

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