Marble arpeggiator?

Anyone else tried working with this? The marble arpeggiator setting was added in one of the more recent OS updates… I’m pretty sure I get what a marble arpeggiator would basically be expected to do, but it seems to just play the note straight, no repetitions. Pretty much as though the arpeggiator was not turned on at all really. All the other arp settings seem to work as expected. Am I missing something? Maybe there’s something else that needs to be done to get this to work?

Try a shorter Rate.
See also: Manual → Effects → Arpeggiator → Style:Marble
“Rate value of 1/64 is advised.”

I also found it doesn’t work with any rate setting other than 1/64.

I did take a look in the manual before asking and caught this, but even at 1/64 I’m just getting a single trigger and it’s done. So I take it you are getting some sort of other results at 1/64?

Ok, disregard! Looks like it is working, but note length needs to be over 12 at 1/64 before anything stars happening, and even longer for slower divisions.

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