Making CC changes on my synths for existing patterns

I’ve been using the Pyramid for a year or so and really enjoy it. I’ve become more comfortable recording live, using the Euclidian pattens and setting up tracks. I’m stuck figuring out how to make automations on my synths once I’ve made a pattern I like. For a simple example, if I’ve made a pattern of chords on my prophet and now want to use the pyramid to automate a filter sweep how to I go about that. I know what the CC number is so what is the next step? I have looked in the manual but can’t sort it out. I haven’t been yet able to find a video to help with this either.

I don’t have a Pyramid in front of me but check the front page of the manual

under “Quick tour of the 4 Pyramid modes”, under “Press STEP :”, CC is a step mode, like EUCLID. I think it’s the last mode as you turn the dial through the step modes.

From there, check the CC Messages Step Mode section of the manual for info on how to pick the CC number and control what you send.

The thing I love about the Pyramid is how you can achieve the same thing using different approaches depending on your style, etc. Another way to do this is to use an LFO effect sent to a CC or combining several.

Did this help at all?

I’ll try today and let you know.

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