Main encoder issue? New B-stock unit

Hi. I’m new to Squarp and I just got my B-Stock Pyramid MKII ordered from Squarp Instruments a couple of days ago. I have been going through some of the basic functions on the unit and I noticed that the main encoder, the one with the colors border, sometimes stops providing input as I am turning it. When I turn it back a few clicks it sometimes regains responsiveness and then I can go forward again. But then it stops again after a few turns. I haven’t done a full test of every page or value, but from what I can remember it is doing this as I hold the BPM button down to change the tempo. Is this normal? It doesn’t seem normal to me and I am wondering if I received a defective unit.

Yeah that’s not right. Sounds like a moody component. Speak to support

Thanks. I sent a message through the web form at . Is that the right way to go? I didn’t see a support email address on the site anywhere.

Yes, it is.

Thank you. I might be a little impatient because it’s been 2 days now since I sent a message without hearing back. I really want to start jamming with my Pyramid and if I need to return the unit it’s going to take a while for all the turnaround to occur. Also there’s a 14 day return window that’s coming up on being halfway closed tomorrow.

Did you get this resolved? My brand new units encoder stopped working after about 30 minutes. Now I have no sequencer. Sigh.

Hi @therockfrog,

Please send an email to support, we’ll get to it asap

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Closing this necropost.