LZX Mode question

I recently tested using my Hermod in “LZX mode” where it scales the voltages to -1 to 1v. However most of LZX expects 0 to 1v. So when using an LFO out of Hermod, for example, my LZX modules are not reacting to CV when the LFO is traveling between -1 and 0. Is there any way within Hermod to offset the output so it stays between 0 and 1v? Thank you.

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Hi @second_breakfast !

I would suggest using an LFO on a MOD track , and using the sequencer to offset the LFO.
the LFO effect is offsetted by the automation stored in the sequencer.

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Ahh okay thank you. I will give this a go.

Another idea: go to the Midi effect module on the channel, and set the minimum voltage to 0. Maybe this works? I am using this when using Mod channels for sending unipolar voltages only

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