Loop regions in track?

Hi there people! I just ordered a pyramid before Xmas so still waiting for it to arrive. Been ploughing through the manual and video tutorials, but still have quite a few questions. Anyways, the big one - let’s say you have a 8 bar loop, can you then easily set a sort of loop region and focus on say bar 6 and only loop that bar while editing it? You can do this on ableton push for instance, and it’s very handy.

I’ve seen you can zoom and such, but haven’t seen anything about loop regions. Is it at all possible? :slight_smile:


no… not directly…

you can alter the length of the loop non-destructively, but it always plays from the start.
you could also rotate the track, to bring the section your interested in to the start.
( you can to be careful with this if you also altering the length ;))

like all hardware, you’ll find you have to adapt the way you work, to work within its ‘creative limitations’ :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks for your reply! Not a biggie, I suppose, and I’m sure I’ll get used to it or find some sort of workaround. :slight_smile:

Been watching loopop’s tutorial on and off several times today, it’s so good, and I’ve just noticed a feature in step mode where you can follow the play head if you press second and disp. So that’s ace! If you can edit the track while following, which I assume you can, then that should pretty much do it for me. Awesome feature. :slight_smile:


Hi there
I will be shortly a new user too and this is my first post!. Waiting for pyramid to ship.
What I would do in order to mimic the functionality of ableton to loop and edit a middle bar of a multiple bar loop?
I would use a new one bar scratch pattern. I would copy the middle bar to this pattern which I suppose is very easy and fast to do, edit to my likes this bar while looping it and finally paste back to the middle bar of the previous pattern!

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yeah, getting into the habit of using other tracks is a good one…
its quick to cut n paste tracks, notes etc , and you can have multiple tracks doing to the same destination (and then mute if desired).

(patterns can work, but are a little less flexible in what can be altered)

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Actually what i had in mind was a separate scratch pattern since there are 32 for each track without sacrificing a new track for edit operations.
What do you mean by saying that patterns are less flexible?

i dont find sacrificing a track much of sacrifice given we have 64 of them :slight_smile:

only notes/length/modulation etc can be altered - but cannot change things like fx, which can be nice if your in experimentation mode.
also im if im using patterns for the sequencer changes, I like to keep them for that…

but there are many ways to use the pyramid, none is right or wrong - whatever is easier for you is cool.

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I think that looping sections of a track is a great idea.
I love patterns, and I also love editing the length of patterns, but I still think that it would be pretty awesome to be able to loop a specific bar, or portion of a bar within a track, and then be able to either change the start point of that loop, or mess around with the length of the loop.

Sub loops within looping tracks.

Brilliant idea. This should be something we have in Pyramid.
@squarpadmin we’ve got a great idea here! Very very useful.


it should not be too difficult to implement since, currently, when we reduce the length of a pattern is not destructive… and we can retrieve the notes if we raise the length later.
so we have already a kind of a “end” locator for the loop :slight_smile:
if we combine this technique with track rotate in order to change the starting point we can also have a different “start” locator for the loop…
we just need a way to do these operations very quickly :wink:


have you submitted this as a request?

this is not the same as rotate, which is destructive, nor the same as start offset (which is only used on initial play).
this means it needs to have a UI to control (e.g. how to set the loop start point) and also to show the user where the current start is… ideally you would need some way of visually seeing where the loop is in the full track. (e.g. see you are looping bars 3-6, of 1-6)… also it wouldn’t be long before a user said they they want to have loop start and end, as they don’t want to change the length.

also it does have other complications…
you are implying that length actually is now not the full length of the track, length now becomes LENGTH - loop start (this could have widespread implications in the code ), also something like the DISP screen for track, would now have to change, either due to the current loop length OR better still to show the full length still, but highlight the looped section.

I think often now though the question is… is this within the scope/vision of the pyramid?
it can never have all daw functions, so where do you stop?
and does the pyramid have resources left to do it?

as users, we dont have access to the code base, so we cannot say what is easy/hard to implement… we have to trust Squarp to do what they think is feasible - which I think they have done a really good job.


HOw do you actually rotate the track? what this means?

you can do 2nd + < / > to rotate the notes on a page/track, and this is dependent on zoom level


you mean … flipping it!? … woa … I should try that !

can’t find in the manual by the way

thank you


Rotate is covered, step/11

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I’m thinking they should call it ‘focus’ a mode you can switch on set to the current zoom you are working too… set your zoom then press a key combo that locks the current track to the zoom and just loops it to that setting… Simples I am going to request this …

I hadnt read the whole thread when I posted this!! Going to read about rotate

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I find repeatedly stopping & starting playback helps when working on editing a portion of a sequence. The Pyramid will start playback from the current page.

After latest update for NI maschine .

It would be still nice on pyramid to be able to define beginning and end of the loop but as well the start point being able to change .