Looking to sell barely used Pyramid MkII SOLD

Looking to sell an MKII with less than an hour of use. Purchased in late November in 2017 and has been sitting on a rack since.

Not really sure what the best avenue to do this is so any advice would be appreciated. Don’t want to use ebay and give them 11%. Would rather use Reverb and pay the 7.2% (+ 25 cents) but not sure about that since I would be a completely unrated seller.

I know Im unknown here also so open to ideas on how this could work. I have a perfect ebay rating (118) and a perfect discogs rating (20 transactions). I have also completed a good faith exchange with a guy who built me a Nava 909.

The Pyramid has been hooked up a couple times and a few buttons pressed and that’s it. Did not install the firmware upgrade. Only real mileage is a piece of duct tape on the power supply for identifcation. Might be some slight residue left when I remove it. I also left the instructioal paper diagram overlay somewhere where I shouldnt have and has a tear and a small coffee stain on it.

Also still have the original receipt. (Bought directly from squarp)

Everyone was an unrated seller on Reverb once. Take lots of good pictures and write a custom description including the stuff you wrote here and you’ll have no issues. Good luck.


Thank you for taking the time to reply. I posted here, initally, just to see if there might be some avenues I haven’t thought of.

I really enjoy the idea of being able to sell this to someone at a slightly discounted price since it is basically untouched. I’m not a fan of what ebay is doing, but Reverb’s fees are reasonable so that is where I will go.

Keep making good music yall. We need it now more than ever.

How much were you looking to sell for and where are you located?

Item has already sold.