Lock range selection?

Is there a way to select a range in the step grid and lock it without having to hold down the in point while simultaneously tweaking parameters? I kind of got it to work by copying the highlighted section first but it then “forgets” the range once the transport stops. Keeping the range locked until you are done editing it seems like something pretty basic, Is that functionality there? Thanks.

loop points?

Loop points

"Loop points allow you to set up in real-time where your pattern begins and ends. Only the pattern inside your loop points will be played. You can set different loop points for every pattern within every track.

When composing, it is a great way to loop a small part you want to focus on. When performing, you can play with track positions and create interesting effects like beat repeats or polymeters."

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That is not currently possible.

You are free to send a feature request through the contact form below:

Ok, will do. I would think that this would be a needed feature as the current workflow is somewhat clunky.

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