Load projects via midi in?

I suppose the way the hardware is set up, this may not be possible… but being able to assign controls via my Gordius Little Giant midi foot controller would surely be cool. Like, hands free loading of projects for a live set and being able to start and stop the sequence(when I say sequence, I mean play mode, not perform mode, as in, push start and plays the entire arrangement chain of sequences) that is loaded via the Gordius. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

Check the MIDI Implementation Chart to see what you can ti the Pyramid via MIDI and see if you can work some of that in, is my thinking.

The start and stop functions work as they should using my Gordius midi controller. Looks like no dice for loading projects via midi though…unless thats possible some how with a firmware update or I’m completely missing something??

It is not possible to load/switch projects via MIDI.

Yeah, big time bummer. My midi monitor on the Gordius reads ch 1-16, cc 123 value 000, two times in a row when selecting any project. Seems like it would be possible to have projects load with different cc values, but I know nothing of midi software/hardware programming. I suppose this may be one of the limitations of using a SD instead of internal memory.

I would also like to see this feature (loading projects via midi)! Is there any update?

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