Live sync - how do you guys sync?


My problem was audio wasn’t routing out of Ableton properly which I fixed just using the external effect plugin. USAMO does work but it’s a little finicky. Sometimes the start / stop doesn’t sync properly and I’ll have to do it a few times for the timing to lock in. It does work though but it’s a little annoying having to restart the sequence sometimes 4-5 times to get the clocks in time.

I will definitely be investing in an E-RM Multiclock eventually which I have heard absolutely amazing things about. If that’s in your price range I’d say pick that up over USAMO.


Ok, thanks. Yeah, the E-RM looks nice, but is quite expensive. USAMO isn’t compatible with my sound card, it seems. I think I might just concede that I’m going to be limited to 32 tracks on the A and B outputs, and just don’t bother with the USB output. I’m not gonna use more than 32 tracks at once anyway - it just means I might have to plug MIDI cables in and out a bit more than I’d like - but I can live with that. :slight_smile:


just curious, what version of Live are you running? I’ve seen quite tight sync (+/- 0.08 BPM) when slaving Live 10 to my Pyramid’s clock over USB MIDI ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Live 10. I think I’m going to try to sync the Elektrons with regular MIDI cables (daisy chained from Pyramid), and just send MIDI notes through the USB connection, see if I could get that working. :slight_smile:

Edit - yeah, that seems to be working just fine! Nice. I don’t actually need to have Live in sync, but somehow thought I had to sync through Live when using the USB port, but don’t have to, so that’s great. :slight_smile:


In my setup Usamo is absolutely rock solid. It’s compatible with any soundcard as long as you’ve got a spare audio out. Takes a while to setup levels and fine tuning, but I haven’t had to adjust it in over 1 year…
I don’t see the point in any other solution, because they are all a lot more expensive.


I have Ableton as the master sending clock to my pyramid is that the problem? Also when setting up my USAMO it didn’t say much about getting the correct levels so I wasn’t sure how to set them properly, maybe that’s my issue? Like I said it works but not 100% all the time. My USAMO never gets to the clip point like the directions state even when I have the trim at max


Why is Ableton clocking the Pyramid? The USAMO should be clocking the Pyramid using the audio output from Ableton to generate the MIDI clock in the USAMO.

Are you sending clock from Ableton to Pyramid over USB AND clock from USAMO to Pyramid over DIN?

If so, and Pyramid is set up to receive clock from both/either, no surprise that you are getting inconsistent results.

RE: clip light. If you can’t get a hot enough signal into the USAMO just using the trim pot on the device, gain the output signal in Ableton too. Crank the fader up, chuck the tool/utility/gain device on the track and crank that up as well if you need to. Be sure to back them both off once the activity is registered, if the audio pulse is too hot it’s not going to work consistently, same as if it’s too quiet.



Sorry I worded that wrong - I have Ableton sending audio to USAMO and that is clocking the pyramid. The pyramid is plugged into a wall outlet not my PC so there’s no double clocking going on there. I’m gonna assume the inconsistencies are happening due to the levels. I’ll have a mess with them when I get home


just for clarification, when you press record in ableton everything is on the grid perfectly from beat 1? The clock stays solid but just doesn’t start on the down beat its always a little off


Eh, turns out the midiclock+ ain’t ideal afterall. :frowning:


Thinking about the Usamo. So to be clear - if you send rock solid MIDI clock from Live/Usamo to Pyramid, the MIDI Pyramid sends through to the other instruments connected to it will have as solid MIDI clock, or not? I just noticed that if I slave Pyramid to Live, it will usually jitter somewhat between 0,1 and 1 BPM, but the Elektron Analog Four, for instance, will jitter even more - so wondering if that will be the case with Usamo as well.


Sorry, didn’t see the replies above. I have my Usamo synced Pyramid syncing a lot of machines through its both outputs and then through an a880. Works really well. I do notice the odd difference in displayed BPM between the Pyr and the Octatrack that’s right behind it. I don’t notice any jitter though. Might have something to do with the metering…


Cool. Thanks. :slight_smile: just ordered a usamo. Hope I get it working without too much hassle.


i’m using 2 E-RM Multiclocks to sync them all

also Ableton Live is a slave to the clock

for flexible and easy routing i’m using a copper land setup with 3 Alyseum Al-88c

this system is pretty stable and very flexible - i can only recommend e-rm multiclocks


I’m still trying to not spend the money it takes to get an E-RM Multiclock on something that makes sounds! I find utilities so hard to buy unless I have enough for a synth or something that makes or bends sound at the same time :thinking: :drooling_face:


i know that thoughts … had them too before buying the first multiclock

at some point you have to question yourself if you really need another synth or if that hassle with untight midiclock and time-offset on some synths is disturbing your workflow so much, that a multiclock would help you also creatively … im very glad i bought the multiclocks