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My primary purpose in buying a Pyramid is to have sequences I’ve already composed on the Cirklon in a small portable package for playing live. I would expect that recording the midi data from a Cirklon output to the Pyramid input would be easy but there is either a bug or operator error…

If I send midi data through din midi from the Cirklon to a synth it plays fine as expected - if I then connect that cable to the input of the Pyramid and the Pyramid output to the same synth there are many dropped notes. Nothing special is going on - no CC’s no complexity, in fact the track I am using to test is 16 16th notes.

I also seem to be getting a partial freeze when running this scenario: The 4 modes get stuck in red (Live) and I need to power cycle the entire unit in order to again be able to access the other 3 modes.

Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction if this is operator error - I believe I am following the manual correctly but I am new to the device.

while its playing or after recording? make sure you do not have midi thru on it could be doubling up your midi. and make sure u don’t have a quantizer in the midi fx for tracks

Thanks for your help - changing the midi port A mode to MIDI OUT + THRU has solved the first part of the problem - now the sequence playing from the Cirklon goes through the Pyramid and out to the connected synth just as if it was connected directly. The Pyramid also is receiving clock and transport commands, it begins on PLAY (from Cirklon) and runs in sync. Remaining issue: The notes do not record into the track. I am in live mode with the red button depressed - it deactivates at the end of the 16 notes, but nothing has been recorded into the track. All midi channels match.

do you have MULTITRACK BANK A on in the midi in settings. it should record each midi track to the corresponding track

I did not have multitrack bank A on in the midi-in settings - I changed it as you suggested but still it does not record the incoming notes.

If you enter some notes into the pyramid in step mode does that work? without the clicktron. i think you need to confirm that the pyramid is set up right before getting the recording to work. there are a lot of setting and once you have them right make sure to save that as Templet

Yes, steps entered in step mode play the synth when PLAY is selected. I can also play the keyboard in live mode using both chord and scale, and if I do so while its running it records my performance.

hmmm try the different midi echo modes.
do you have the newest beta firmware?

Hardware: 150
Pyra OS: 2.30

I am glad to try the latest beta if it may help though I am slightly concerned if this feature (recording from the midi input while slaved) is not already implemented - I would think that would be pretty standard?

I will try the beta and let you know.

I have a similer setup with the beatstep pro and a key step. I have the pyramid as the master clock, midi a set to out not thru, multitrack a, and midi echo set to off. I can record to the corisponing midi to track. Midi 1 in is always track 1 no mater what the channel on the pyramid is the pyramid midi channel is only for out. I have the most current beta os

New test: sent clock only from the Cirklon / no notes - Pyramid follows transport and clock and runs in sync. I enter record mode and play the ‘keyboard’ - what I play is recorded into the track.

Works great

What exactly ‘works great’ ?

Recording from a Cirklon to a Pyramid with the Pyramid synced to the Cirklon master?

If so - please share the settings necessary to achieve this - I am new to the Pyramid so I apologize but I am unable to get it to work. The problem I have is the same if I am sending clock and notes from an Octatrack - doesn’t record on the Pyramid.

If it is something else that ‘works great’ then WTF dude? I am certain the Pyramid is a fine device and ‘works great’ but this has nothing to do with the issue being discussed.

First of all . Stay cool and polite . There is no need of " Wxx dude "

Recording life into the pyramid works great . That’s what I mean .
I don’t use Cyklon nor I am planning to work with add sequencers owning already the pyramid.


id first suggest you reset the settings to default… as basically this should pretty much work out of the box

as @Robotboot already set, you do should not have MIDI A set to OUT+THRU, just OUT.
if that’s not sending midi to the synth, then that is your first indication of a misconception or a setting being wrong.

you will probably want to set OMNI to multibank A, so that each midi channel goes to its own track (A1-A16) … though this is only necessary if you want to record multi channels at the same time.

you also need to ensure that each track has its output set appropriately (e.g. MIDI A, and channel number)

you can debug this all , by looking at settings->info the scroll down to midi in/out to see what data is coming in and out (its useful to turn clock off temporarily, so you don’t have these as well :wink: )

I cant see why it would not work with your cirklon, it makes no difference to the pyramid if the midi is coming from a sequencer or a midi controller - its all just midi.

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Thank you very much - it seems that a global reset was what was needed. It indeed works fine out of the box and that was what was so perplexing: ‘its all just midi’ - The only answer I can refer to that accounts for the issue is that I changed ‘something’ (wish I knew what it was now) when I was first learning / experimenting and that was the culprit. Now I am able to actually have fun with the box instead of scratching my head. Much appreciated.

also @Misterp - Apologies - text is a poor medium for decoding nuance - your post to me seemed to fail ‘cool and polite’ since it simply said that ‘it works great’ but did not refer to what works great or in any way address the problem. My apology is sincere, however - if you had explained your meaning or offered a suggestion I may not have misunderstood.

No problem amigo . Appreciated your message .

My setup keep evolving and trying to have all my hardware under the hood ( specific midi channel , multichannel Rec on pyramid , also the new auto echo selective on a channel works great now / avoid midi chains errors etc )

After 2 decades using logic only … I would have never dreamed about an hardware sequencer which shares so much fun :slight_smile: