Live performance has ended. Countdown has started

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that looks cool.

well don’t i feel like a sucker now for spending $600 on a Pyramid without knowing this was coming out in a few months

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web site is updated !

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just reading the topline specs, “2 projects, 16 tracks per project, 8 patterns per track” seems like . . . much less than Pyramid? Though reading further, this dual project architecture apparently does solve the loading the next song while playing the first song problem, and adds song chaining. decisions, decisions . . .

Looks great - compatible with Pyramid projects?

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I felt similarly since I just got my Pyramid less than two months ago, and for the longest time I was stuck between wanting the key layout of the Deluge but the functionality of the Pyramid. If I had waited just two more months, I could have had exactly that.

Buuuut I am loving the Pyramid and see this as an eventual upgrade in a couple years. Edit: I’m kinda more disappointed that this probably means no future Pyramid enhancements … unless Squarp plans to keep developing the Pyramid alongside Hapax? A lot of the functionality is similar… hopefully they will make it clear what their plans are for the Pyramid. :confused:



does one know how big the device is? couldn’t find any info


358 × 206 × 48 mm

At the bottom of this page

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thanks !

Are there any hi res photos of the whole of the machine? I can only see partial ones on the site. Want to have a proper oggle.