Live mode stops recording when pattern change

Let’s say, I have a sequence chaining empty tracks and I want to record them live.

When my tracks have no pattern in them, I just have to press rec in live mode, at the start of my song, and pyramid will keep recording until the end of the full sequence.

But if I configure a track with patterns, as soon as a pattern change is encountered during the sequence, the record button is deactivated by pyramid and I have to retrig it manually.

Is there a trick to avoid this behavior?
Any helps is welcomed as I’d like to use patterns…

Hi everyone,

I just got my Pyramid and I’m also struggling with this. Is the live recording supposed to work like that? At least I can’t see any clear advantages in this behaviour.

Yea - i don’t think the pyramid supports changing patterns while recording. I think you gotta change the pattern and his the record button again. You might wanna email the squarpies and request the feature unless someone else here knows something I don’t.

As for work arounds - you could not use patterns and use more of your tracks?