Live mode and more than 16 measure

Hi all

I wondering if there is a way to count measures after 16 measures, for example if I have 24.
Following the progression is tough.

Any suggestion ?

It would be awesome to have a measure count and timeline progression.

Than k you

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘way to count measures’ unless you mean the Player Tracker at the bottom of the screen. I can see how that would be confusing since the screen only shows 16 blocks.

Although I don’t know how you might achieve a measure count, you can view a progression of each of your playing Tracks from Track Mode -> [Disp] and you’ll see a bar indicating each of the 16 Tracks in your current Bank and their relative progressions.

Apologies that I don’t have any further suggestions on achieving what I think you want to achieve. If no one else chimes in with a proper solution to your quandary, I’d suggest documenting your suggestion using the contact form at

Thank You for your reply

Apologies my french/spanish It doesn’t help for my english :slight_smile:

I thought there was a DISP with a progression of my record in live mode, only max 16 bar,

But on a long track like 128 bar or more, it can me hard to follow without marker, timeline, countdown


yeah, once you get a lot of bars it gets tricky - since zoom won’t let you come out far enough to get the overview you need.

if you go to step mode, and turn on ‘follow player pads’ (2nd+disp)
this will also mean that in LIVE mode that the track player will also ‘scroll’ (by default it does not).
this means you can see well when a track is going to end and loop around (so for coming in on the first bar) - but for sure in the middle, the bars all look the same.

in your OP of 24 bars though, I don’t think thats an issues… its when you get to max zoom, and still 64 blocks, then the middle ones are indistinguishable… but thats quite a long track :wink:

I think adding markers would be quite a lot of work for squarp.
but I do think at times, it would be nice to have a text display of current position, rather than these graphics blocks. (though the graphics are better in the general case, as you can very quickly see where you are)

I guess another idea, might be for squarp to somehow let you see the ‘DISP track view’ whilst in live mode, thats view is excellent at giving you an ‘overview’ of where you are.

as @CreepyPants best to send the details of your “problem” and ideas for solution to Squarp via the contact form linked above.