Live grid scale

Hi, before I buy, I’m wondering if you can select the scale when playing the grid live. I’m used to a 4ths layout like the Linnstrument (chromatic 12 notes between grids, in 4ths). It would be nice to see the pads light up depending on the scale selected.



+1 Would also love to have this option.

so there is scale and chromatic ‘modes’
if you set a scale (track or pScale) the pads will light up.

JUMP is used to adjust the per row difference , so using 4ths etc.

if you mean, can you keep the grid in chromatic mode, and then just light a scale up.
no, this is not possible, but I agree would be a useful feature. (FR time ;). )

I also tend to use this mode on my eigenharp and erae touch… as it means notes don’t move around, you can play out of scale , and also you learn to play scales in chromatic mode.

ironically, this why I don’t really need this feature now :wink:
I just have them permanently set to C Major, as landmark notes … just like piano.
… this could be another option for chromatic mode… not only light the root, but other notes too.

I will say, the only issue I found with this on the eigenharp… is it ends up looking like a Christmas tree… so actually ended up reducing to root + 5th.

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Beat me to it!

On my LPP3, I’ve not used chromatic mode due to the smaller number of pads, but once you get up to 128, I feel like the loss of ‘range’ with a scale mode that just lit up the scales but had all notes available would be less, so I also think this would be a nice enhancement, though hardly essential.

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Thanks, the answers are very clear. I like the Linnstrument (for playing) and the Deluge (for sequencing), but the Deluge sequencer is a little limited and difficult to interface with other gear. There is a lot of setup required, and it’s easy to get lost when your projects start to get large.

It seems that Hapax provides a very good solution where the sequencer is quite visual and interactive. I very much prefer to do step sequencing when entering notes, so this layout is good for me. (I saw in another thread that you cannot yet set note length by hold->press, but I hope they will add that later).

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As well as all that Mark said It is also useful because it can look like a bass frets and help to learn the scales and use same shapes.

I pre-ordered a Hapax and hopefully we’ll see some scale light features by the time I get mine!

I’ve always been partial to chromatic mode on grids due to the flexibility (I can play blues scales, I can transpose freely, etc.). Hapax has a fair amount of room on it also.

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Also as noted, the hold->press on Hapax is already used for region selection. So I think the odds of it being repurposed are slim. I’m also a Deluge user, so I know what you mean. But I’ve seen how to make longer notes on the Hapax hold->turn encoder, which seems pretty good to me. And the fact you can hold many notes at once and change the length simultaneously with the encoder is kind of nice. So to me it’s wash, at least based on watching others do it.

Not sure if this is what either of you mean, but if you press and hold a note in Step mode, you can move knob 4 and it changes the length for that note (or multiple notes in a range if you press more than one note)

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