LFO swing/shape

I’m wondering if there’s a way to apply swing to the LFO?

Adding a swing effect after the lfo didn’t seem to change anything.

Swing affect sequence timing only, not lfo speeds. You can try to modulate the LFO speed with something else maybe to fake a swinging wavelength.

I actually didn’t think there was an option to modulate the the lfo speed. That would be nice!

Happy to be corrected here as this would be a game changer for me.

But I thought you could only modulate the internal FX parameters using the internal FX automation lanes? Ie Step sequencing or drawing automation curves or assigning to one of the 5 encoders.

(So for your use case here @dtm you’d put a little LFO speed notch up on the step that you wanted to ‘swing’ the LFO speed on.)

@megamarkd Is there a way to control them externally via MIDI cc or get (for example) an internal LFO to modulate (for example) the speed of another internal LFO??

@dtm what is it you are trying to achieve here? Are you talking about re-triggering an LFO on a swung Step?

If you want automation steps to land specifically on off the grid beats you can still do that with tight zooming in the effects stepmode and adding swung automation steps.

You could also use a combination of two LFOs of different shapes and speeds and phases to make freaky looking LFO curves. Press DISP to see the curve rendered. From there you can use the encoders still to tweak the LFO settings. Although obviously you will be using your ears and not your eyes to discern how pleasing the results are…

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I was actually trying to emulate Time LFO by Skinnerbox shown in the video below. After posting I realized it’s quite easy to achieve just by changing the swing settings of a note converted to triggers for clocking at least.

Any other ideas around this would be really welcomed!