LFO Range fine tune?

Hi All, is it possible to set LFO range to small increments, e.g. I want to set it to 1%

I can’t use the CV output voltage because I have an LFO on top of an LFO, I want to have the full range of the first LFO and then put a smaller, faster 1% LFO on top of that

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yeah, Id love this too … alas I think you need to raise a feature request to squarp.

your use-case is very good, since usually, the response might be you can use an attenutator after the hermod… which whilst less convenient is at least possible.
however, as you say, if you are chaining LFO, you do not have this attenutation possibility.

( I think this is also true of the Pyramid iirc)

so definitely a good one to fire over to Squarp via the contact form

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Thanks, I’m glad I’m not the only one who could benefit from this. Will drop a feature request in now :slight_smile:

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