LFO effect controlling arbitrary MIDI CC?

Is there any way to get an Hermod LFO effect to control an arbitrary MIDI CC? I only see Pitch Bend, Modulation and Aftertouch. These are ok if you’re just sequencing things plugged into the Hermod CV outs, but if you’re trying to use Hermod to sequence MIDI devices, it’s a bit of a bummer!

If i understand correctly what you are asking, you need to set “mod destination” In the midi output fx to the desired cc. You can also use aftertouch if you set “dest” parameter in the LFO fx to aftertouch, or control 2 cc by setting 2 LFO fx, one on modulation and one on aftertouch

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Yeah, it looks like we can have an LFO Effect control arbitrary MIDI CC by way of mapping Pitch Bend, Modulation and Aftertouch to different MIDI CC values in the Output Effect. However, there are only those 3 possible modulation destinations, so even though you could have 6 LFO Effects on a track, they can only control 3 unique MIDI CC values.

I don’t really understand why Hermod tracks have a limitation of only 3 possible values for modulation, when there are 128 unique MIDI CC messages plus all the possible CV outputs!

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