LFO CV modulation level

when i set a track to modulation and set an LFO fx on that track ( with destination set to modulation & range set to 100%)
The LFO CV that is outputing from the track is only -2,5 to +2,5 volte.

how can i make it -5 to +5 volte ?
how can i make it 0 to +10 volte ?

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Hi @jako
Indeed there is a bug here, we will work on it!


thanks for you reply

@squarpadmin is this fixed? I’m using an LFO on a modulation track and I have it set to…

Sine with Range at 200% and I get a half sine wave that starts at 0v and goes down to -2.5v then is cut. Very weird behavior.

Example from my scope. The range on the scope is +5 to -5v… you can see how weird it is. This happens with all wave forms (ie: they are not properly shaped / rectified).

Even stranger - I switched off my case and back on and the sine wave was correct (spanned the whole scope from top to bottom)… BUT when I move the Hermod navigation menu (turning the dial from track 1 to track 2) the sine wave suddenly jumps back to being this squashed offset sine wave.

So interacting with the Hermod messes up the LFO. If I create a new project then everything is ok again. confused

Same behaviour here

I have the same issues with hermod

It will be fixed with the next version of HermodOS, soon to come!


This bug has come back. Started doing it again today.